- In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.
    - In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.

LazySusanPhoto custom built 4 turntables ranging from 6 inches up to 8 feet.
A 20-foot table may be next (thinking for cars), but now, the 4 or 8-foot turntables work fine for many projects. The 8-footer can support up to 600 pounds - like a large bronze sculpture, a classic motorcycle, or an industrial machine.

How does this work?
A fully-automated camera control system for both camera triggering and the turntable is driven by a geared motor. Still photos are shot at precise angles then we create spinning GIF files. Alternately, HD video can be used to make semless spins; footage is edited with Final Cut Pro... and made into 'loops'.

Our experience says ....
72-frames per spin (still photos) seems to animate nicely and makes a smooth rotating effect yet offer very small output files. We can record any number of shots up to 360 frames (one for each degree). Photographs are gathered into 'photo sets' and finalized into common GIF format for web use, and with video, MPEG, MOV, or AVI are considered and optimized for your display devices.

Video is recorded with a 2k HD video camera and edited with Final Cut Pro. Speed of the spin can be adjusted during editing.

-- We guaranteee final products will meet your web, in-store display system, or other video monitor requirements.

Only thing left to do is....Dress up the set!
Hey, simply hanging a background can be quite effective, but adding props will push target viewer interest futher. Or, we can set things up at a location for a natural landscape background. Around Washington State there are plenty of unique vistas for sure.

The 2-foot and 4-foot turntables work well for classic 'tabletop' product shots - jewelry, miniatures, models, art sculpture, antiques, or custom-made machined parts.. even vintage clothes. The 8-footer is great for anything bigger like motorcycles.


Other ideas...?
We listen to you - and we will work with you to give anything a spin!

So are you ready?

Thank you for reading this far... Call today and let's talk up your project !


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