- In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.
    - In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.

Below are two samples of Object 3D photography.

-- Present turntable sizes are 1, 2, 4, and 8 feet.
-- Our larger 4 and 8 foot tables will easily spin 500 pounds.

Still photographs :
Shots are taken at 36, 72, or 108 frames per rotation.
More frames taken, smoother video action... but bigger files.
Spin speed is selectable or set by output display - We can optimize.

Still photos are optimized for speedy upload then assembled into the GIF file format for motion.

HD Video :
Finally. LazySusan HD video services offer s-m-o-o-t-h animations. HD video files tend to be too large and 'jumpy' during internet play, but LS carefully resizes video for proper playing. These videos run extremely well on in-store LCD photo display systems too.

Example one:
A small jet engine fan blade.
File is set to display 36 still photos every 3 seconds:

This motorcycle view was our first 'spin' with the new 8-foot table.
We made it just minutes after the table was first assembled.
Too excited to try it -even on a windy day- so why the background is moving.
This normally would not be accepted, but we just had to setup this very first spin.

Ok then...

We are open to special requests!
A team of great artisans can create dynamic stage sets, or, paint a custom background to precisely match your theme if needed. Cool eh? Also, we carry a wide variety of colored turntable covers that may suit your product (green, black, off white or natural wood).

LazySusanPhoto equipment is mobile !
Our tables can be setup anywhere (where a pickup truck could access) offering remote photography locations. Table controllers and drives operate on 12-volt DC power so a car battery works great for powering things up.

Consider this new dynamic way to promote your products !
Sculpture, furniture, wedding dress, vintage clothing, complex machined parts. Many products will simply read better spinning on your website or LCD screen.

Thank you for visiting !

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