- In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.
    - In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.

Recent projects include:

1) Several stainless steel and bronze sculptures by local artist Keith Imus.
2) Bonsai trees for a private collector.
3) A custom-built bicycle.
4) Vintage computer collection for a museum in Albequerque NM.
5) A real person in period costume for a CGI character (gaming app).
6) Fly fishing 'bugs' for a sports store display.... All kinds of stuff !

And a new idea... we are working on making classic 'flip books'; You may remember those small books as a kid .. the ones when pages are 'flipped through' they show animation. Do you remember them now? Yep! Flip books can also make a memorable and fun advertising tool.

Also 'coming soon' is a microscope turntable stage - for anything insanely small like diamond jewelry. Use your imagination.. we'll spin most anything!

Thanks for visiting.  - Steve Hartson.

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