- In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.
    - In partnership with Hartson Photo, Seattle, WA.

History of LazySusan Photography -

In 2005 a west-coast design firm contracted with Hartson Photography (Seattle, WA) to create something visually new - something eye-catching and compelling for a technical museum with vintage computers. Our subjects were a blast from the past.. several old PC computer machines mostly from the early to late 1980's.. no doubt considered museum artifacts today. Further, the client asked us to photograph all sides of these items -to disclose various ports, plugs, and controls- and the idea of using a large turntable surfaced. And a bit of 'elbow grease and ingenuity' and some custom-built hardware.. we began making 'Object 3-D' image sets. Nifty fun really.

The animations are as unique as the new museum itself... and we had very happy clients! Paul Allen drove the project 'Startup -The History of the Personal Computer' (located in Albuquerque NM), and this museum celebrates the humble beginnings of the personal computer.. ahem.. the PC. The visuals turned out to be a real eye catcher, and this sleek 'new tech museum on old tech' was recognized by the National Museum Association - even won a few awards. At that point we were convinced this form of photography was indeed useful for advertising too. So the 'Object 3-D' photo business begain, and now our products are in commercial touch-screen exhibits, web pages, and product display screens. Cool.

LazySusanPhoto.com officially launched in 2005. Since then, we have discovered all kinds of subjects that just look better when it is moving -sculpture, antiques, bonsai trees, or industrial machines- all make for great visuals and amazingly good historical record. With one client, we even documented items for a legal lawsuit. Whoa. Well, we hope you agree our unique approach offers amazing visual impact to your web advertisements and retail store displays.


LazySusanPhoto utilizes both still photos and/or HD video output: Final images are then 'right sized' for your project and uploaded to your device via USB. Done! To date, our crew is split to which style (video or stills) we like the best.. video offers smoother spins, but the series of still photos offer very small files. So we offer both outputs and leave that decision up to you (or your project).

LazySusanPhoto is an affiliate to Hartson Photography (Seattle, WA). We promote high quality photography that's organized, easy to work with, and we follow sound business principles. Over 20 years of professional photography experience, LazySusanPhoto can create dynamic photographic records of your special item.. offering a visual impact you will not find by any other photo service provider!

Thank you for reading.

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Or give us a ring: (again, phonetically to mess with spam-bots) ... Two-Oh-Six - Five-Two-Five - 8514

- Steven W. Hartson

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